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Welcome to the home of Venture Crew 10 of Staten Island. We are a BSA Venture Crew specializing in Archery, sponsored by the A.E. Zimmer Youth Conservation Association. Our goal is to develop new archers and enhance skills of existing archers. Our crew is made up of young men and women ages 14 to 20 years of age who love to learn, grow and compete.

Where do we meet? Currently we are meeting at the Zimmer Club and Pouch Camp on Staten Island. Both location offer us an opportunity to practice and hold training meetings. We are developing a plan to create an expanded archery practice area at the Zimmer Club. We anticipate having the facility upgraded sometime in mid to late Summer. We are also looking for an alternate indoor site so we can continue to shoot and practice during the Winter Months.

Why Archery? Venturing is a form of Scouting that is beginning to grow on Staten Island, it is a great opportunity for young adults to learn and practice new skills and have fun within a group atmosphere doing thing they love to do. The idea of creating an archery team came from members of the Zimmer Club. The Zimmer Club youth programs have been teaching children about the out doors for decades. The club members have a long history of opening their doors to youth and adults to teach about the great things the outdoors can provide. We got the idea of archery from the "After School Archery Program." After much research in that program and attended Scout meeting on Venturing it was decided that Scouting/Venturing was a great fit for the Zimmer Club. There was no organized archery activities in any of the schools on Staten Island, yet we have many High School aged boys and girls looking to learn more about the sport. We formally put the idea into action in February of 2011 and was charted by the BSA in Mach of this year. Since that time we have had weekly meeting which have been very successful in getting people interested. we have 6 adults working with the Crew as advisors and 14 boys and girls active. Through word of mouth we are slowly growing.

Our Biggest Obstacle. Like all new organizations funding is a big issue. We are lucky, our sponsoring organization, the Zimmer Club, gives us space to meet and practice. They have been great and made us all feel very welcome and part of the club. Back to the funding, archery equipment is expensive. We are looking for additional sponsors and ideas for fund raisers so we can purchase a match set of bows for practice and competition. We have had some donations and a small grant from an outdoor organization, but we must continue to raise money. If you would like to make a tax deductable donation you can through the Zimmer Club Youth Conservation Program. If you have archery equipment you no longer need and would like to donate that please contact us at: info@statenislandarchery.com .

If you are a boy or girl between the ages of 14 and 20 and think you might like to join our group or would like to attend a meeting to see who we are and what we are all about send us an email at info@statenislandarchery.com .

Look through our pages, see some our photo's. We hope to continue to grow and give guidance to tomorrows leaders.